Resting upon the curved and sculpted clavicle, the delicate, feather-like details dashed in all directions. I couldn’t help but be transported to a humid breeze where coloured birds soared between branches and hot rain drops.




Karim Sifaoui erupted an emotion inside of me that was stimulated by this necklace piece. To simply call it a necklace, I would say, may well be damn shameful. It’s a piece of art and to wear it is to wear a story.



Yasmine OUCHENE Copyright DZIRIYA


It starts with a twist of blue and gold beads that circle in various patterns. They then lead down onto the shoulder blade to create an engulfing around the neck. Animalistic and regal are what spring to mind. It’s a statement without having to explain itself. Wearing this would turn a head, or two, or more.


I’m reminded of the Masaai tribes of Kenya. The coloured beading hold significance to different traits. Hospitality, purity, energy, the people and bravery.





Sifaoui, purposely or not, alludes to certain energies with this piece and the necklace becomes a focal point for the eyes and conversation.

I don’t know whether to wear it, or display it.