The Top 10 Amazigh Inspired Instagram Accounts |EN|


Amazigh style is not a recent trend. No. Rather, it’s a culture of ancestors and African tribalism that is making its way into the modern sphere thanks to Africans in and out of the continent who are keeping the traditions alive… with a modern twist.



ONE: @dar_fatyme


Dar Fatyme combine the Amazigh inspired designs with modern, pop culture icons to create fun home and fashion pieces. This brand are based in Morocco and take inspiration from countries all over the North Africa region.




TWO: @kasbahabaha


Kasbah Baha Baha are an eco-friendly tourism group based in Morocco with most of their tours taking place around the Ouarzazate region. They want to keep the Amazigh culture alive by showcasing the beauty through the jewellery, the artisan objects as well through walking tour in Morocco.





THREE: @berberblue


This brand is for the fashion conscious or for those who like to have an evident edge to their style. Berber Blue make custom designed denim jackets with Amazigh patterning all over your denim jacket.




FOUR: @amazigh_nation

This page is dedicated to showing the beautiful variety of faces across the Amazigh world of North Africa; from Algeria all the way through to the sometimes unknown Amazigh population of Egypt.





FIVE: @beldy_paris

This is a home decor brand based in Paris, France that focus on picking and offering unique pieces that have an Amazigh flair about them.





SIX: @berberecarpet


Berbere Carpet are beautifully crafted rugs made in Tunisia. Each rug has a call to the Amazigh culture yet with a modern twist.





SEVEN: @berberism


The spark behind this brand is Hayat Kaminsky. She uses her childhood between Paris and Algiers to invoke Amazigh creations through jewellery which are sold via her online store.





EIGHT: @inspiration_amazigh


This page is a dedicated to showing images from the Amazigh culture, namely in Algeria. It represents through images of the different faces, the clothing, the food and the jewellery.





NINE: @saroura_libre


Going by the pseudonym Sarroura Libre, all things Tunisia are shared via this comedian and Pop Artist‘s account.





TEN: @a.budadbbus


Alla Budabbus is a Libyan artist who’s art crosses between the traditional and graphic. He uses the influence of Libya and the region, as well as the evident Amazigh culture.